Stars Wars vs Star Wars Memorial Day Showdown

Patrick Reardon · May 04, 2017 · 5:25 am PDT

Forty years ago a little space western by the name of "Star Wars" (perhaps you've heard of it?) hit theaters on Memorial Day weekend and changed the movie business forever.

Ever since that holiday weekend in 1977 movie studios decided this was THE weekend to launch a new potential blockbuster. Memorial Day has lost a little bit of its luster over the last few years as studios have come to the realization that you can release an event movie any time of the year if you market it properly (i.e. "Batman v Superman" in March).

To honor the start of the summer season of Fantasy Movie League (our third!) we're doing a bracket consisting of the biggest movies to open up over Memorial Day weekend.

The bracket features a lot of Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone and X-Men. But it also features some surprising appearances by Alan Alda and Jim Varney.


-64 title bracket consisting of the 64 highest grossing films released on Memorial Day weekend over the past 40 years (total domestic box office, adjusted for inflation).

-Seeding based entirely on box office earnings. Hence the top grossing film ("Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope," $1.2b) gets a #1 seed while the lowest grossing film ("Ernest Goes to Camp," $53.2m) gets a #16 seed. And so forth…

-Base your votes on which film you actually enjoy more than the other.

That's it. Quite simple. Cast your votes and spread the word…

If you are on the FML App, you can view the bracket on Brackify: Best Memorial Day Weekend Release


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