FML Brackets: Scarlett Johansson

Patrick Reardon

With the opening of "Ghost in the Shell" this weekend the FML and Brackify teams are diving into the body of work of its star: Scarlett Johansson.

Although she is only 32 years old she has been acting professionally since childhood and has put together quite an impressive body of work over the past several decades. But which role is her best?


-32-title bracket, all Scarlett Johansson roles were eligible. FYI - Black Widow is a role she has played five times in Marvel movies. Only one bracket entry for this role.

-Seeding based on (but not limited to) the following criteria: quality of performance, pop culture relevance, degree of difficulty, awards, box office, etc.

-Try to base your vote on which Scarlett performance is better.

Cast your votes, spread the word and make a case for your favorites in the chatter.

If you are on the FML App, you can view the bracket on Brackify:
Best of Scarlett Johansson