Week 3 Recap: Sunday Beastly Sunday

Philip Crone

Week 3 of the Spring Season provided us with just the fireworks we were expecting. So while you may have been out seeing how much green beer can fit into a human body or how much basketball can fit into a human mind, a very large swath of the population was seeing how many people could fit into a theater to watch Disney's latest live action spin on a classic.

Beauty and the Bea$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$t

We can all sleep soundly tonight, as Disney finally has its first box office champion of 2017. I can't decide what's more surprising: that pro projections had "Beauty and the Beast" beating last year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" by nearly $10M, or that it actually lived up to those expectations. After it was all said and done, "B&B" racked up an incredible $174,750,616, which edges out "Iron Man 3" as the sixth largest opening of all time. It also pushes "The Dark Knight" off the list of Top 10 All Time openings, a list now occupied six Disney-distributed movies.

AlwaysFriday Is Not Our Guest

I think this week will have to mark the end of #AlwaysFriday when it comes to these daily splits. The Friday take of "B&B" was not in the most commonly played Cineplex, as "B&B" Sat x1/"B&B" Sun x1/"The Belko Experiment" x6 takes that honor. That said, I do feel obligated to note that a "1/1/6" lineup that included Friday was the fifth most popular lineup. Yes FML, that's correct, the fifth most popular lineup this week was "B&B" Fri x1/"B&B" Sat x1/Blank x6. I both love it and hate it! SIX blanks?! Look, I know FML PC's got a little "blank happy" for a while there, but SIX?! SIX?! SEIS?!?! IX-SAY?!?! (I'm out of languages I know the word "six" in. The second "six" there is actually the French form of "six," so please read it as such.)

Sunday Funday

Much of the FML player base surely spent the week dissecting the daily split and trying to determine what sort of movie "B&B" would be. Would it be Friday-heavy like a YA movie like "The Hunger Games?" Or would it be Saturday/Sunday heavy like a family movie like "The Jungle Book?" I think the answer wound up being "both," but a slight edge goes to the family side. In the end, while any "B&B" day was great value, Sunday proved to be the best. "B&B" grossed $48,226,365 on Sunday, which was good for $144,390/Bux and a BP. Sunday was also the only day in the PC, as "B&B" Sun x2/"Logan" x1/"The Belko Experiment" x5 grossed $144,034,557 after including $9M in bonuses. Nice work to the 102 players who caught the PC this week!

This gives us… (checks the Coming Attractions post on the Chatter)….

Oh yikes….

Well, I'm pretty sure "Power Rangers" will be in. Can you "Go Go Perfect Cineplex?" Or will "Life" bring your Spring Season to life? Or will one of the other 28 movies under consideration spring up for a bonus? Set your lineup by Friday Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific and we'll see you here next week!