Coming Soon: Guardians Vol 2

Becky Aurit

Since "Beauty and the Beast" is killing it at the box office, I decided to watch at a trailer for another potential Spring Season blockbuster this week; the latest trailer for "Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2".

After watching the "Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2" trailer a few times, I have some thoughts on the Guardians from the movie.

After some detailed analysis, I have determined that Chris Pratt is my second favorite action movie Chris. I liked "Jurassic World", and anyone who brings more CGI dinosaurs into my life gets extra bonus points.

I may or may not have put more effort into ranking the action movie Chrises this week than I did into setting my lineup for Fantasy Movie League.

Zoe Saldana plays a green alien in "Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2", and she played a blue alien in "Avatar". Do you think that she is disappointed that it is taking James Cameron longer to make "Avatar 2" than it took scientists to find the actual sunken Titanic? I'm guessing not. Do you ever think it's weird that the Titanic used to be lost? I do.

Rocket Raccoon is still funny. I don't have a lot of strong thoughts about a CGI raccoon, other than that he is the only movie character that Bradley Cooper ever plays that isn't boring.

One of the Guardians is played by a guy that I think is a wrestler. I only know 3 wrestlers: Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and The Miz, because he used to be on "The Real World". I don't have room in my brain to remember more than 3 wrestlers, but I can remember endless former cast members from "The Real World", as well as highly detailed Chris ranking systems.

Meryl from "The Walking Dead" is "Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2". No matter how many movies Michael Rooker is in, he will always just be Meryl to me. It is weird to see him with just one hand. Yes, I guess that is a "Walking Dead" spoiler, but if you get mad at me for it, I have a wedding from "Game of Thrones" to tell you about.

My final thought about the third trailer for "Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2", is that it doesn't feature nearly enough Baby Groot. I could watch an entire "Minions" like spinoff starring hundreds of Baby Groots. CGI anthropomorphic baby plants rank up there with CGI dinosaurs for me.

"Guardians at the Galaxy, Vol. 2" will come to Fantasy Movie League during Spring Week 11, and it will definitely feature into The Perfect Cineplex in some way.