FML Brackets: Best of the Best

Patrick Reardon

With our Fantasy Awards League kicking off we've decided to do a special Oscar themed bracket. There have been 88 Best Picture winners in Oscar history, but which one is the "BEST?" We're going to let the FML community decide.

Since there were 88 films eligible but only 64 bracket entries we had to make some cuts using the following criteria:

-There were obviously a lot of no brainers that warranted inclusion. Basically if it was indisputably an iconic film ("Gone With the Wind," "The Godfather," etc.) it automatically earned an entry. And films included on the American Film Institute's list of Top 100 films of all time were automatically granted an entry.

-For fairness each decade (1920s, 1930s, etc.) had to sacrifice at least one film. The toughest cut was "Kramer vs. Kramer" (the 1970s were particularly strong). And for the record the easiest cut was "Crash." But that still left us with 14 more movies to cut.

-Films with a combination of the following factors were relegated to the chopping block: a sub 80% score on Rotten Tomatoes (i.e. "The Greatest Show on Earth" 44%), a sub 7.0 score among IMDb users (i.e. "Gigi" 6.9) and/or Best Picture was the sole Oscar that film won (i.e. "Grand Hotel)".

-Films that made the cut were there seeded according to (but not limited to) the usual FML selection committee factors: overall quality, how well it's aged, pop culture relevance, rewatchability, totals Oscars won, level of competition in its respective year, box office, etc.

Some good films didn't quite make the cut but such is life. I'm already looking forward to someone in the chatter being outraged over the exclusion of "The Life of Emile Zola."

Cast your votes, spread the word and make a case for your favorite Best Picture winners in the chatter.

If you are on the FML App, you can view the bracket on Brackify:
Best of the Best