Week 9 Box Office Estimates

Todd Thatcher

Hey all, Todd from www.toddmthatcher.com bringing you my take on Week 9 as three new pictures open wide: sixquel "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter", pet tale "A Dog's Purpose", and Matthew McConaughey's "Gold". There's also the matter of "Moana" singing its way back into the lineup with Disney's sing-along version and "Manchester by the Sea" coming back due to Oscar nominations being out early Tuesday (I'm writing this Monday evening and I'll get back to that).

As I see it, the second weekend of "Split" should remain on top as I don't expect "Resident" (too long between flicks), "Purpose" (controversy well discussed in the chatter), or "Gold" (who's the audience?) to perform that well.

Back to the Oscars. "La La Land" tied the all-time record for number of Oscar nods. I expect that publicity will give it a decent boost and that makes it a massive factor on my screen this week.

Here's how I have the 15 selected FML features performing:

"Split" - $18.5 million

"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" - $14.6 million

"Hidden Figures" - $12.8 million

"A Dog's Purpose" - $10.3 million

"La La Land" - $9.9 million

"xXx: Return of Xander Cage" - $8.9 million

"Sing" - $5.6 million

"Gold" - $5.4 million

"Monster Trucks" - $4.6 million

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" - $4.5 million

"Patriots Day" - $3.4 million

"Moana" - $3.3 million

"The Founder" - $2.2 million

"Sleepless" - $1.7 million

"Manchester by the Sea" - $1.5 million

That leaves me dancing with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone seven times and "Sing" once. What say you FMLers?