Week 7 Box Office Estimates

Todd Thatcher · January 10, 2017 · 4:34 am PST

And... here we go!!

What a weekend as six (yes... SIX) new entries populate the FML lineup during the four day MLK frame. Yet, just as I did last weekend, I'm not hiding my love for the women of "Hidden Fen...", make that "Hidden Figures".

Contrary to the FML pricing overlords, I believe "Figures" will top the charts once again with "Patriots Day" coming in at an extremely close second. Yet there's so much intrigue beyond that...

What will the "La La" domination of the Golden Globes means as it adds even more screens en route to likely Oscar glory and a $100M plus gross?

Will poor reviews truly hinder "Live by Night" from even reaching high teens?

Will "The Bye Bye Man" do as many a horror flick has done and exceed expectations?

And, most importantly, will "Monster Trucks" take its place as one of the most embarrassing bombs in film history or... well, it probably will.

So many questions, but here's how I've got it shaking out:

"Hidden Figures" - $24.1 million

"Patriots Day" - $23.6 million

"Live by Night" - $17.9 million

"Sing" - $16.4 million

"Rogue One" - $16.1 million

"La La Land" - $13.7 million

"Sleepless" - $11.3 million

"Monster Trucks" - $10.1 million

"The Bye Bye Man" - $8.8 million

"Underworld: Blood Wars" - $6.6 million

"Moana" - $5.3 million

"Why Him?" - $5.1 million

"Passengers" - $5.1 million

"Fences" - $3.3 million

"Silence" - $3 million

That leaves me playing "Figures" three times along with "Moana" and, yes, "Fences" four times. What say you?


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