Week 6 Recap: Hidden (Box Office) Figures

Phil Crone

The year 2017 is here, and if you're like me, 2017 has made you think one thing …


Yeah, it's a little cold out there guys. But not just normal cold. "I'm not leaving the house" cold. But that didn't stop one movie's audience from showing up in a big way this weekend.

Found Figures

It's not often I get to talk about upsets in this space, but it was pretty difficult for anyone to forecast a weekend win by "Hidden Figures." Priced to finish fourth for the weekend by FML pricers, the story of the African-American female mathematicians that were pivotal in the Space Race topped expectations to bank $22,800,057. That number also was good for an easy Best Performer bonus win at $89,412/Bux. I'm going to make a guess here and assume it has be the first time ever that a Disney movie in over 4000 theaters didn't finish the weekend #1. Feel free to prove me wrong. Until then, congrats to the women in "Hidden Figures" for conquering the vast unknown that is space for the second time!

Figuring Out the Rest

A lot of FML players agreed that "Hidden Figures" needed to be somewhere in your Cineplex. "Hidden Figures" x3 led the three most common Cineplexes. The most common lineup included five screens of "Lion," played by 581 players. However, almost just as common lineups were "Hidden Figures" x3/"Assassin's Creed" x1/"Manchester by the Sea" x3/"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" x1 (574 players) and "Hidden Figures" x3/"Manchester by the Sea" x5 (571 players).

One of those groups proved to be right, as this week, it was all about spending all the bux available to you. The four unique movie second most popular lineup of "Hidden Figures" x3/"AC" x1/"Manchester" x3/"Fantastic Beasts" x1 cost a full $1000 FML Bux and paid off, banking $93,055,655 after including $11M in bonuses.

With many top players playing the $1000 Bux lineup, season leader Throwing Darts in the Dark continues to take dead aim at the proverbial bulls-eye, catching a fourth PC for the season. They maintain a small lead over AARO-CO (which is a name I know, so they must be pretty good) and Arclight NoHo as we head into the MLK holiday weekend.

This weekend brings us… A total disaster if you try to do deep analysis into this game. First off, we have a four-day weekend upon us as this Monday is MLK Day in the U.S. In addition to that, we have six new movies coming into the game. Six. Yes, you read that right. 40 percent of the slate this weekend is new releases. I'm going to be borrowing our season leader's dartboard I think. If you like horror, you can subject yourself to "The Bye Bye Man." If you like mob movies, you can subject yourself to "Live By Night." If you like crime thrillers, you can subject yourself to "Sleepless." If you like reliving the worst days in American recent history, you can subject yourself to "Patriots' Day." If you like tests of endurance in the theater, you can subject yourself to all 159 minutes of "Silence." Finally, if you like torturing yourself, you can subject yourself to the soon-to-be "How Did This Get Made" all-star that is "Monster Trucks," a movie not about actual monster trucks like Gravedigger, but a movie that's about a monster that is a truck… Or a truck that is a monster… I've already spent too much time thinking about this. Set your lineup by Friday noon eastern/9 am pacific and we'll see you here next week!