FML Brackets: They Could All Be Contenders

Patrick Reardon

In our final bracket of 2016, FML users voted "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" as the best of the year. For our first bracket of 2017 we're delving into the work of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

With the expansion of his new film "Silence" this weekend, what better time for a Martin Scorsese bracket? And for the record, "yes I am talking to you."

Quick guidelines:

-All of Martin Scorsese's feature films are included here. Too many good films would have been left out had this only been a sixteen-title bracket, so in order to get to thirty-two we also included some of Mr. Scorsese's television and documentary works.

-Seeding based on (but not limited to) the usual FML selection committee factors: pop culture relevance, quality, box office, awards, how well it's held up over the years, etc.

Ask 100 film buffs to list their five favorite Scorsese movies and I guarantee that no two lists will be the same. So I'm expecting plenty of spirited Scorsese debate in the chatter.

You may also notice that Brackify team had updated their look and interface. Hopefully our players will find it easier to use.

Cast your votes, spread the word and make a case for your favorites in the chatter.

If you are on the FML App, you can view the bracket on Brackify:
Best of Martin Scorsese