Week 6 Box Office Estimates

Todd Thatcher

Hey all - Todd from www.toddmthatcher.com bringing you my estimates for the first full weekend of 2017. There are three pictures entering the lineup: vampire franchise entry "Underworld: Blood Wars", sci-fi drama "A Monster Calls", and Oscar hopeful "Hidden Figures".

As I see it, nothing from this trio is likely to dislodge "Rogue One" and "Sing" from the top two spots. That said, I expect there is a very good chance that "Figures" (performing quite well in limited release and said to be a crowd pleaser) has a solid shot at over performing. On the flip side, I'm estimating that "Blood Wars" (the fifth in a series that started in 2003) will post the lowest debut of the bunch thus far. I'm also anticipating that "Monster" (despite solid reviews) will struggle to find an audience.

Here's how I have the 15 selected FML features performing:

"Rogue One" - $28.2 million

"Sing" - $25.4 million

"Hidden Figures" - $19.3 million

"Underworld: Blood Wars" - $17.6 million

"La La Land" - $12.8 million

"Passengers" - $9 million

"Moana" - $6.5 million

"Fences" - $6.4 million

"A Monster Calls" - $6.1 million

"Why Him?" - $5.8 million

"Assassin's Creed" - $4.2 million

"Manchester by the Sea" - $2.8 million

"Lion" - $2.3 million

"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" - $2.2 million

"Collateral Beauty" - $2.1 million

That leaves my math at a lineup of "Hidden" figuring in 3x, "Creed", "Manchester" 3x, and "Beasts". What say you, fellow FMLers?