Week 5 Recap

Philip Crone

Rogue Won Again

In a weekend where we usually don't see new releases, it comes as no shock that "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" retains box office supremacy, raking in $65,522,676 over the 4-day New Year's Day weekend. That amount was enough to make "Rogue One" the second-highest grossing movie of 2016 - in the coming weeks, it will more than likely eclipse fellow Disney release "Finding Dory" as the highest grossing movie released in 2016 once all the box office receipts come in over the next few months. Speaking of Disney, "Rogue One's" box office triumph is the 21st weekend in 2016 that a Disney-distributed movie was tops in the box office.

Manchester by the See You Later

Most FMLer's and pro forecasters really liked "Rogue One" this weekend, with projections as high as $80M for the weekend. It didn't need anywhere near that to make it a good play by FML pricing, so it should come as no surprise that a little over half of all FML Cineplexes included a screen of "Rogue One" at the top of their lineup. Coming up with the other seven screens was a bit of an adventure, and 949 players opted to load up on "Manchester by the Sea," hoping it could be the arthouse film to hold better than the rest (relative to its enticing FML price). It wasn't a bad week for "Manchester" as it finished third in value, but a couple other awards bait movies were the key to the Perfect Cineplex this weekend.

2016 Goes Out Like a Lion

If you dismissed "Lion" this weekend, you're not alone. Only 27 percent of players had it anywhere in their Cineplex. Even the famous Weekly Chatter "BSA" advocated against it (and based on the ensuing comments by other Chatter regulars, author BSWhite1970 didn't really receive much pushback from the community at large). However, while "Lion" opened a little soft over Christmas weekend, it certainly "roared" home by the end, grossing $3,002,227 and taking the BP with $136,465/Bux. It fills out the majority of the Perfect Cineplex of "Rogue One" x1/"La La Land" x2/"Lion" x5, which grossed $120,686,497 after including $15M in bonuses. Nice work to the 176 players who had the "Eye of the Lion" this week. (Close enough, right?)

Taking the lead as we enter 2017 is the aptly named for Awards Season Cineplex Throwing Darts in the Dark. The dart method has been good for three PC's thus far this season. If I recall correctly, last year's Awards Season champ, KM, may have only had three PC's for the full season, so feel free to coast Dart Person.

January brings the cinemas two types of movies for the most part: studio dumps and awards bait. I'll let you parse out where new releases "Hidden Figures," "A Monster Calls," and "Underworld: Blood Wars" fall… I don't think you'll have much trouble. Set your lineup by Friday noon eastern/9 am pacific and we'll see you here next week!