Combos To Watch - Week 5

Pete Johnson

In a year filled with deaths of pop culture icons from my childhood, the news from Tuesday was particularly difficult at my house. As my teenage daughter reminded me, Princess Leia is one of the few smart, strong, powerful female role models in live action films that kids typically watch and the fact that Carrie Fisher chose to talk so openly about her mental health issues in an attempt to remove the societal stigmas associated with that disease says a lot about the type of person she was. If you happen to be an HBO Now subscriber, I urge you to watch her one woman show, "Wishful Drinking" and you could do a lot worse than introducing "Postcards from the Edge" (available on iTunes) to someone born since 1990.

Before getting into details of the week, there are a couple of items to note. First, the submittal deadline is Friday 9a, Pacific as always. Next, when there is a 4-day weekend where the Fantasy Movie League totals count for Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday (FSSM) instead of the normal Friday/Saturday/Sunday (FSS), the Lineup Calculator gets set using only FSS actuals for the FSSM weekend that just occurred since the weekend you are about to analyze is FSS. But that's not the case this week since we have back-to-back FSSM weekends, so the actuals for last week in the Lineup Calculator have been set to FSSM and to what they made last week as a starting point.

Finally, after recording 53 episodes over the last year+, Patrick and I will not be creating a podcast this week. That takes more effort than you'd think and we decided to take a hiatus for a week, but we'll start up again in the new year.

What Did We Learn From Last Week?