Week 4 Recap: S(w)ing for the Fences

Philip Crone

Christmas Weekend 2016 will be one long remembered by the FML veterans. With a bevy of variables to consider, the goal for most was likely nothing more than "survive and advance." And if you managed to catch a Perfect Cinema this weekend, my hat is tipped to you.

Rogue One More Time

As expected, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" managed to repeat atop the box office for the weekend, pulling in a 4-day haul of $96,119,405. Over the 3-day weekend proper, "Rogue One" banked a little over $64M and comes in just behind "American Sniper" with the 14th best 2nd weekend of all time. However, it's easy to forget how much of a hurting Christmas Eve puts on the box office, so 14th best given that is actually a pretty good weekend.


With so many data points to consider, sometimes it's just easiest to stick with the ones you know. That seemed to be the case with the 712 players who screened the most common Cineplex of "Sing" x1/"Why Him?" x6/"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" x1, who bet on a strong Thursday Night preview gross of $975,000 by "Why Him?" to translate into a big weekend. However, it was not meant to be. "Why Him?" still beat most projections and banked $15,536,420. And most weeks, $160,169/Bux would be a Best Perfomer. However, in a weekend where everything brought in oodles of receipts, that lofty figure doesn't even put "Why Him?" in the top 5 in terms of value.

On the Off-Fence-ive

If you follow the various outlets reporting weekend estimates, you already know that this weekend was sheer madness, with anyone's guess who would end up taking the BP. Early weekend estimates tabbed "Manchester By The Sea" or maybe "Fantastic Beasts." Sunday studio estimates favored "Moana." And early Monday returns pointed in favor of "La La Land." So it's only fitting that by the time actuals poured in, yet another movie had taken the BP crown.

"Fences" looks to be another box office success for Denzel Washington, grossing $11,600,710 over essentially two days. It just edges out "La La Land" with an impressive $184,130/Bux and a BP win. It fills out the majority of the Perfect Cinema, which entailed "Sing" x1/"Passengers" x1/"Fences" x6, which earned an estimated $164,217,650 after including $11M in bonuses. ("Passengers" has yet to post final figures, but I think it's safe to say it will keep its place in the PC.) Excellent work by the 37 players who made the big bet on "Fences" this week!

Three new releases enter the fray as well as yet another 4-day weekend thanks to New Year's Day falling on a Sunday. And we have three biopics this weekend! "Jackie" is a biopic about Jackie Kennedy Onassis. "Hidden Figures" is a biopic about the African-American female mathematicians who were critical to the success of the early space program. And finally, "Lion" is probably a biopic about "Lionheart" Chris Jericho. (It's not? Well, someone should make that movie.) Set your lineups by Friday noon eastern/9 am pacific and we'll see you here next week!