Coming Soon: That's a big ape

Becky Aurit

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, to those who celebrate. To those who don't, I hope that you go see "Why Him?" this weekend. My Fantasy Cineplex could use the help!

I'll be spending my Christmas in Spamtown, USA. Did you know that there is an entire museum devoted to Spam? It's about as exciting as you'd expect it to be.

While I probably won't be seeing any movies this weekend, I did take a few minutes to watch the trailer for "Kong: Skull Island," one of the big March 2017 movie releases. If you have a few minutes, sit back with a Christmas cookie, or a latke, or some Festivus meatloaf, and check out the "Kong: Skull Island".

(Click on the title to watch the trailer)

Kong: Skull Island

This trailer is a bit of a mixed bag, so I'm going to share the good aspects, as well as the bad, and the really ugly ones.

The Good

Bree Larson is in "Kong: Skull Island." She is a good actress and an Oscar nominee, so she's a lot better that your typical action movie actress. (See: Bryce Dallas Howard in "Jurassic World")

John Goodman is in it too, and by now I'm convinced that he can do no wrong. "10 Cloverfield Lane" was amazing, and I can even forgive "King Ralph".

The island sets are pretty, and if you are dealing with cold, snowy weather right now it is nice to look at some tropical views.

The Bad

While Bree Larson and John Goodman are pluses for "Kong: Skull Island", the guy who plays Loki is not. He's never been interesting to me, even when he fake dates Taylor Swift for a few weeks. I wish they had cast Thor, or one of the legion of other action movie actors names Chris.

In addition to not having any Chrises, "Kong: Skull Island" doesn't have Katy Perry songs, The Rock, or someone riding a motorcycle on the ocean, or anything else that makes for a great movie trailer.

"Kong: Skull Island" was made by a relatively unknown director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts. I'm always a little nervous when big budget action movies are made by less experienced directors. Action movies are tough work, FML!

The Ugly

Kong looks like a cheaper version of the apes in "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes". That could get distracting after a while, especially without the benefit of someone like Andy Serkis doing the performance capture work.

The movie is being released on March 10. I'm wary of a giant monster action movie that is being released in spring instead of summer. Will it be a great anchor for our Fantasy Cineplexes, or will it be a season sinker for Spring Season players?