Behind The Screens

Perfect Cineplex

Rankings Table
NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of Oct 11 - 13. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsCineplexSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
1"Sweep The Leg" △ @sweep_the_leg-
23Years2Months14Days16Hours @3y2m14d16h1
3Random @random2
4The Waco Kidplex @waco_kid-
5The Matrix @the_matrix-
6Hateful Jack (R) @hateful_jack-
7Now in Technicolor! @nowintechnicolor-
8breakdancingfish's Cineplex @amanda-
9MARVEL'S Dr. Strangelove (R) @marvelsdrstrangelove-
10Open Beta Resistance(R) @openbetatesting-