The FML Resistance

Perfect Cineplex

Rankings Table
NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of May 24 - 27. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsCineplexSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
11Banana Stand (R) @marty-
12Craig's Grindhouse (R) @craig-
13Zach's Imperialplex @zachmire-
14Walt's Vault (R) @walt-
15Maximus Ryan @maximus_ryan-
16Chill Factor Studios @fixius-
17Ryan's Grandview Theater @rshanahan-
18Arclight NoHo @arclight_noho-
19Rosy the Reviewer @rosy_the_reviewer-
20Au Revoir, Gopher (R) @alchemyblack-