NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of Dec 14 - 16. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
1Exxdee's Plex: They're Alive, Damnit @djkhaled-$154,812,810-
2Something Clever △ @clever-$154,812,810-
3bighen1516's Megaplex (KotRT) @bighen1516-$154,812,810-
4The Godfather? I Hardly Know Her. @lu-$153,380,470-$1,432,340
550 Shades Carter @trepidhickory-$153,380,470-$1,432,340
6PC @perfect_cineplex-$152,643,980-$2,168,830
7wyrmlord's Cineplex @wyrmlord-$152,483,980-$2,328,830
8The Last Picture Show @user3npl5x-$151,773,980-$3,038,830
9Nate Strasser @user4jd6jz-$150,415,231-$4,397,579
10Movies on Mars @sparksnevada-$146,717,490-$8,095,320