Perfect Cineplex

NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of Feb 15 - 18. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
1lance1214 (R) @lance1214-$988,693,354-
2Jon's Cineplex (R) @jon-$987,875,692-$817,662
3Shiitters Full @shiittersfull-$987,747,613-$945,741
4John Snowden @mrmovies1$982,530,088-$6,163,266
5Real Clever Films @realcleverfilms-$982,396,851-$6,296,503
6Exxdee's Plex: They're Alive, Damnit @djkhaled-$977,890,811-$10,802,543
7Exxdee's Us Cinema Forum @exxdee-$977,890,811-$10,802,543
8I HATE ALT ACCOUNTS @i_h8_alts-$976,920,109-$11,773,245
9Artist Formerly Known As @mem-$975,587,494-$13,105,860
10Dubs (R) @azrattler-$975,416,277-$13,277,077