I Feel Pretty League


Overall top box office will win a great prize pack, courtesy of our friends at STX Entertainment! To see the full rules, go here: https://fantasymovieleague.com/page/i-feel-pretty-rules

Perfect Cineplex

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  • Screen 8
RankTeamWinsSeason$ Behind Leader
11What's New Pussycat? #GroupofDeath4Lyfe @pussycat_whoa_oh_oh-$448,443,172-$6,278,523
12russman @russman-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
13MW117 Andrew @mistwhisper117-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
14These speakers go up to eleven! @cameron-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
15"Cake or death?" @cake_or_death-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
16BJR's Cineplex @b_j_r-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
17Not Penny's Alt @not_penny-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
18MD: A Smith & & Burgess Story @md-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
19T-Rex's House of Horrors @t_rex-$448,215,753-$6,505,942
20L'il Billy Likes Movies @unbridled_enthusiasm-$448,215,753-$6,505,942