Overall top box office will win a great prize pack, courtesy of our friends at STX Entertainment! To see the full rules, go here:
RankTeamWinsSeason$ Behind Leader
1EJ Breaks the Internet @ej-$454,721,695-
2PR @pr-$454,721,695-
3Biyondios! Kabuki & Cinema @quain-$454,721,695-
4Foley Loaded's Cineplex @user3wdbqv-$449,230,319-$5,491,376
5Plexy △ @plexy-$449,230,319-$5,491,376
6He hates these cans!! @thejerk-$448,443,172-$6,278,523
7*Camp Crystal Lake Cineplex* @user4mqzjy-$448,443,172-$6,278,523
8AP ◬ @moviepass-$448,443,172-$6,278,523
9Particular Set of Movie Skills @brandonj-$448,443,172-$6,278,523
10Billion Dollar Cineplex @bdc-$448,443,172-$6,278,523