Rob Has a Movie League

Perfect Cineplex

NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of Feb 15 - 18. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
1Exxdee's Plex: They're Alive, Damnit @djkhaled3$977,890,811-
2Raïsh Mamoe @raghy78d2$949,516,424-$28,374,387
3Violet Moon (Lady of the Lake) @violetmoon2$944,030,090-$33,860,721
4BBGG @bbgg-$925,277,769-$52,613,042
5BK @becky-$917,703,026-$60,187,785
6Honest Ray's Cinematorium and Buffeteria @honest_ray-$902,104,368-$75,786,443
7Zingbot Studios @stevehasascreenname-$895,203,008-$82,687,803
8Eric's Sort of Okay Cineplex @ericlavalle1$857,293,713-$120,597,098
9Scholleplex @user4vy9n4-$856,029,684-$121,861,127
10andra79's Cineplex @user4dx6kp-$831,402,489-$146,488,322