Perfect Cineplex

Rankings Table
NOTE: Estimated standings include box office projections for the Weekend of Jul 19 - 21. All data is unofficial.
RankTeamWinsCineplexSeason (EST)$ Behind Leader
1Hoosier Movie Guy @hmg1
23DH @3dh2
3cleenelson's Cineplex @nels0398-
4cdelgado6's Cineplex @user3n9dr4-
5Andy vs. MOVIES @andysiems-
6Sticky Floors Emporium @easyeducator-
7Hateful Jack (R) @hateful_jack-
8DCFC aint nothing to **** with @user27qgyv-
9amace020's Cineplex @user3kvmd2-
10@ConsultFantasy Pictures @consultfantasy1