Fantasy Movie League is a fantasy sports-style weekend movie box office game, where players use their knowledge and skill to pick which group of films will generate the highest gross revenue.

1. The FML game year is broken down into 52 weekly competitions.

2. Each week, players select up to eight films to feature on the screens of their own Fantasy Cineplex. Each movie available for selection has an associated FML Bux cost and all players must stay within a fixed spending limit of $1,000 FML Bux.

3. Players can feature a movie on as many screens as their budget allows. They will earn the movie's Box Office total for each screen of their Fantasy Cineplex that features the movie.

4. Players may add and remove movies as often as they would like prior to the Friday deadline. Movies that have been selected may be removed from Fantasy Cineplex screens and new movies added, so long as the player's budget never exceeds the $1,000 FML Bux limit. However, time of submission will be used as the secondary method to break any ties, with the earliest time getting preference (the FML Tiebreaker will be used as the primary method to break a deadlock).

5. Players do not have to select movies for all eight of their Fantasy Cineplex screens and may strategically choose not to do so. However, a $2,000,000 penalty will be assessed for each unused screen and the total sum of all penalties will be deducted from the player's box office total at the end of the week. If a player does not select any movies for their Cineplex, all movies from the prior week that are available in the current week will automatically be carried over - the lowest priced movies will be dropped in the event that the prior week's lineup would exceed the $1000 FML Bux limit using the current week's prices.

6. Players will earn a bonus $2MM in Box Office total for each screen showing the weekly Best Performer, which is the movie with the highest Box Office per FML Buck. In private leagues, this value may be customized by the league creator.

7. Players will earn a bonus $5MM in Box Office total for each week in which they select the Perfect Lineup, which is the combination of eight screens resulting in the highest possible total Box Office score plus any bonuses already earned. In private leagues, this value may be customized by the league creator.

8. In most weeks, there will be 15 movies available for selection. However, in some weeks where there is only one major release, a single movie will be broken down into multiple different showings (Friday Only, Saturday Only, Sunday Only, Monday Only, Saturday & Sunday Only, etc.) with each available as its own selection. In this case, a player's Cineplex will only earn the Box Office total for the individual day (e.g., If you put the Saturday Only showing in your Cineplex, you will earn the Box Office total for Saturday but not for Friday or Sunday).

9. Some weeks will have a “Double Feature” selection available as one of the 15 FML movie options. This combines the box office of two movies into one FML screen. The movie poster will have a special “Double Feature” graphic, and the movie title will appear as “DOUBLE FEATURE: Movie 1 + Movie 2.” For example, if the option is “DOUBLE FEATURE: Spider-Man: Far From Home + Toy Story 4,” then each “Double Feature” screen in your FML Cineplex will earn the weekend box office for both Spider-Man: Far From Home and Toy Story 4.

10. In addition, some weeks will have a "Best of the Rest" selection available. When featured, this will act as a wild card that will eventually be swapped out for the highest grossing film not available for individual selection in that week. The final determination on which film is the "Best of the Rest" will be made once final box office earnings are released and will be based on data available from

11. New game weeks begin at 5:00:00 PM PT each Monday, except for Holiday Weekends and Special Weekends, where the new week does not start until 5:00:00 PM PT on Tuesday. Regardless of the start day, all players must finalize their Fantasy Cineplex selections by 9:00:00 AM PT each Friday. In private leagues, these values may be customized by the league creator.

12. Any tie in weekly scoring will be broken based on a three-tier tiebreaker system. The first method used is the value submitted for the FML Tiebreaker during weekly lineup submission (the user closest to the total domestic box office gross of the highest priced movie of the week will be declared the winner). If users are still deadlocked after the FML Tiebreaker, then time of final Cineplex submission will be used to break any ties, with the earliest time getting preference. If users are still tied at that point, a coin flip will be used to determine the winner.

13. The box office totals used are the Weekend Earnings as reported by Weekend Earnings are typically calculated as Friday through Sunday. Exceptions include regular box office Holiday Weekends (MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day) and occasional special box office Holiday Weekends (e.g., any year where Christmas Day falls on a Monday), where the Weekend Earnings are calculated as Friday through Monday. Many films have previews, sneak peeks, or fan events prior to official release dates. For example, many films have Thursday night previews before being released on Fridays. Studios almost always push these Thursday night preview earnings into their opening Friday box office numbers, which would count for FML purposes. But if a movie officially opens on a Wednesday, the Wednesday and Thursday numbers will likely be reported separately from the opening weekend and would NOT count towards FML’s totals. Part of the game is figuring out how studios will report pre-release earnings, and in the end the Weekend Earnings numbers serve as the official scores for FML.

14. The actual box office earnings of the movie featured on each screen in the player's Fantasy Cineplex are added together to form a total score for that week. The total of all weeks during a Season is accumulated for ranking purposes, but does not carryover from one Season to another.

15. All players are automatically entered in (and cannot leave) "The FML League."

16. Players will also have the opportunity to enter the three-month long contests featured within the "Season Showdown" leagues. For the 2020-2021 game year, those Seasons are:

  • Spring - March 2 to June 1 (13 weeks)
  • Summer - June 1 to August 31 (13 weeks)
  • Fall - August 31 to November 30 (13 weeks)
  • Awards - November 30 to March 1 (13 weeks)

At the conclusion of each Season, the players with the highest total Box Office scores for the Season will be rewarded with a prize. For the 2020 Spring Season, those prizes are:

  • First Place: One year of movies tickets for two (awarded in the form of a $1300 Fandango Promotional Code)
  • Second Place: $500 Fandango Promotional Code
  • Third Place: $250 Fandango Promotional Code

17. In multi-week leagues, any overall tie in scoring will be broken by giving the higher ranking to the user who had the smallest gap between the sum of their weekly FML Tiebreaker guesses and actual movie box office totals over the course of the league. If users are still tied at that point, a coin flip will be used to determine the winner.

18. For more information on prizes please read the Contest Rules.

19. Apple Inc. is in no way involved with this contest.

If you have any questions for us here at Fantasy Movie League, or have any comments or suggestions about the game, please email us at