What is Fantasy Movie League?

Fantasy Movie League (FML) is Fantasy Sports for Hollywood! It's all about predicting the box office and trying to create your own Cineplex.

Do you have some articles that I can quickly read to get a feel for how to play Fantasy Movie League?

Sure do, check out FMLnerd's Fantasy Movie League 101 Series:

I don't like reading, is there a video I can watch instead?

FML player (and addict) Angry Geek made an intro to FML video.

What about a version of that but with a lot more inside jokes and less helpfulness?

You can find that version here.


So how do I play Fantasy Movie League?

Each week, you get 1000 FML "Bux" (or FB$) to spend on your Cineplex. There are 15 options for movies that each have their own prices, and your Cineplex has eight screens. Use your 1000 Bux to fill your 8 screens. It's important to note that you can – and should – use one movie on multiple screens.

What's my goal?

The goal is to maximize your Cineplex's box office gross, which is calculated by the sum of the gross of each movie in your Cineplex, plus any bonuses – which we'll get to in a minute.

Why is it saying that some movies are unavailable?

The key is that you only get your 1000 Bux each week, which means you can't always afford every movie. Think of it as shopping on a budget – you can't buy everything in the store. For example: if Star Wars costs FB$800, if you want to play it twice that would cost you 1600 Bux – but you only have 1000. So if you play Star Wars on one screen, you only have 200 Bux for your other seven screens. Or you could play 8 cheaper movies instead of Star Wars.

How can I get more than 1000 Bux?

Everyone gets the same 1000 Bux every week. Bux don't carry over, or transfer in any way. Each week is a fresh start.

Do I have to fill all eight screens?

No, but be careful. For each screen you leave blank, you are assessed a $2M box office penalty - $2M is subtracted from the total box office you earned with the movies you did select.

So what were you saying about bonuses?

Fantasy Movie League isn't just based on pure box office gross. There are also two different bonuses to pay attention to...

  • Best Performer (BP) - This is a $2 million bonus awarded to the movie with the most "value" defined as box office gross / cost. For example, let's say Star Wars is priced at FB$500 and it makes $50,000,000 then its "value" is $100,000/Bux. If Alvin and the Chipmunks is priced at FB$100 and it grosses $20,000,000 then its "value" is $200,000/Bux. So even though Star Wars made more money, Alvin had more value. If Alvin had the highest value that week, it would get an extra $2,000,000 and you would actually make $22M per screen that you played Alvin - $20M for gross plus $2M in bonuses.

  • Perfect Cineplex (PC) - This one is simpler. If you play the eight-screen combination that is the highest possible grossing combination that week (plus any bonuses already earned), then you get an extra $5,000,000 for your Cineplex.

How are ties broken?

Any tie in weekly scoring will be broken based on a three-tier tiebreaker system. The first method used is the value submitted for the FML Tiebreaker during weekly lineup submission (the user closest to the total domestic box office gross of the highest priced movie of the week will be declared the winner). If users are still deadlocked after the FML Tiebreaker, then time of final Cineplex submission will be used to break any ties, with the earliest time getting preference. If users are still tied at that point, a coin flip will be used to determine the winner.

In multi-week leagues, any overall tie in scoring will be broken by giving the higher ranking to the user who had the smallest gap between the sum of their weekly FML Tiebreaker guesses and actual movie box office totals over the course of the league. If users are still tied at that point, a coin flip will be used to determine the winner.

How long do I have to make my picks each week?

Cineplexes lock each week at Noon ET on Friday. Then you wait over the weekend for the gross. Lineups unlock with a new slate of available movies on Monday at 8:00pm ET, or on Tuesday at the same time over a four-day weekend.

When is it a four-day weekend?

FML counts grosses from Friday-Monday during the traditional studio defined four-day weekends. These are Memorial Day, Labor Day, MLK Day and Presidents' Day.

Why does this movie say FRI Only?

Sometimes a movie is expected to dominate the box office by so much that it would be impossible for FML to price it fairly. So these movies are broken up into "Daily Splits", where instead of getting credit for the entire weekend box office, you are forced to choose Friday, Saturday and Sunday as three separate films. Each has its own price and you have to decide which one(s) to play. Note that Thursday previews are almost always counted as Friday gross for an opening weekend, but that doesn't always make Friday the best play.

What is the "Double Feature" option?

Some weeks will have a “Double Feature” selection available as one of the 15 FML movie options. This combines the box office of two movies into one FML screen. The movie poster will have a special “Double Feature” graphic, and the movie title will appear as “DOUBLE FEATURE: Movie 1 + Movie 2.” For example, if the option is “DOUBLE FEATURE: Spider-Man: Far From Home + Toy Story 4,” then each “Double Feature” screen in your FML Cineplex will earn the weekend box office for both Spider-Man: Far From Home and Toy Story 4.

What is the "Best of the Rest" option?

Some weeks will have a "Best of the Rest" selection available. When featured, this will act as a wild card that will eventually be swapped out for the highest grossing film not available for individual selection in that week. The final determination on which film is the "Best of the Rest" will be made once final box office earnings are released and will be based on data available from


How do I know what movies to play?

Eventually you'll be able to learn enough to make your own box office predictions, but to get started there's lots of experts to help you. Foremost among them is, which is FML's official partner. They make very solid predictions every week, and do a good job reporting estimates and actuals throughout the weekend.

Is there a website that can show me everything in box office history?

Our data partners at have a ton of information. You can also check out Box Office Mojo for more.

Where do I find theater counts?

Box Office Mojo publishes updated theater counts on Thursday evenings.

What's this talk about Thursday numbers?

Many films have previews, sneak peeks, or fan events prior to official release dates. For example, many films have Thursday night previews before being released on Fridays. Studios almost always push these Thursday night preview earnings into their opening Friday box office numbers, which would count for FML purposes. But if a movie officially opens on a Wednesday, the Wednesday and Thursday numbers will likely be reported separately from the opening weekend and would NOT count towards FML’s totals. Part of the game is figuring out how studios will report pre-release earnings. is usually the first to report estimates for pre-release earnings. In the end the Weekend Earnings numbers serve as the official scores for FML.


Who's Matthew Berry?

Matthew Berry is ESPN's Senior Fantasy Sports Analyst and, more importantly, one of the founders of Fantasy Movie League. Matthew's book, Fantasy Life, debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list and spent two months on the list. If you're lucky, you may catch a glimpse of him playing FML.

What is "Insider"?

Insider is a collection of articles written exclusively for FML. Some of them are box office predictions or help with your lineup, and others are just for fun. Check it out for yourself at

What are "Leagues"?

In addition to competing against all Cineplexes, you can form or join your own League and compete against your friends. Plus, each League comes with its own private Chatter forum.

What is the "Research Vault"?

The Research Vault gives you information about the current movies to help you make your predictions. This includes the pick rate among players, theater counts and box office results from previous weekends.

What is "Chatter"?

Chatter is Fantasy Movie League's message board forums. Active players like to talk there about box office predictions and other related stuff, and it's a very friendly community. Feel free to join the discussion or ask any questions you may have at

People in Chatter use some funny terms. Can you fill me in on what they're saying?

Here's a list of some common acronyms or phrases you may come across:

  • BO – Box Office.
  • BOM – An acronym for Box Office Mojo.
  • BP – Best Performer. As discussed earlier, this is the $2M bonus given to the movie with the most value in a given week.
  • BSA – this one isn't actually an acronym, but a play on the words "PSA." Written every week by active player BSWhite, this advises you against playing a particular movie for the week. You can decide whether or not you want to listen.
  • Comp – comparison, or comparable movie. A similar movie to a current movie that gives clues about possible box office performance.
  • FML – Fantasy Movie League.
  • FMLQA – FML Quality Assurance – FML's customer service person.
  • FSS – Friday/Saturday/Sunday – or, the weekend.
  • LRF – Long Range Forecast – the prediction by given to a movie weeks before it is released.
  • MM – Millions.
  • Mojo – Box Office Mojo, the one-stop-shop for all historical box office information.
  • OW – Opening Weekend – the box office a movie makes on its first weekend in theaters.
  • PBO – Pro Box Office – The original name of Fantasy Movie League's partner website. Check out their box office information at
  • PC – Perfect Cineplex. This is the $5M bonus given to players that screen the combination of movies with the highest possible gross.
  • PnP – Pause n Play – a weekly article in Insider where popular FML players talk about… stuff.
  • PTA – Per Theater Average. Literally a film's gross divided by the number of theaters it was in.
  • RT – Rotten Tomatoes, which is a website that aggregates critical reviews for movies.
  • SBD – ShowBuzzDaily – another box office expert website. Check out their predictions.
  • WTS – Want to see score for a movie on Rotten Tomatoes.