MEGATHREAD - Awards Week 2

The MEGATHREAD is a handy index of links for the many useful threads in the FML main chatter. A big welcome to anyone new to the game. Feel free to ask the chatter any questions you might have, we're mostly a friendly bunch. There's an FAQ here: and Fourth Wall has also set up a very handy guide here:

As always, any help with links in the comments is much appreciated. I'll add them at the top when I have time. TL;DRs remain internal-use only, please ignore.


MPC: 7xThor 1xDH2

ROAD SO FAR (Angry Geek):

Weekend Update (BDC):

Transmission from The Resistance (Real Fake)

Real Talk w/ Fake Names (Ingy)


Bonus Bar & Contenders (CCR)

Four Quadrant (Fourth Wall)

Fandango Check (Phil)






Theater Counts:

----STRATEGY THREADS (this week)----

Can Disaster Artist be Top 3 This Weekend? (Dan)
TL;DR - Good discussion on Disaster Artist's prospects.

One Shark's Secret Recipe (BSWhite)
TL;DR - BSWhite thinks the early release of Jumanji will impact the box office. Others disagree.

This Week in FML History (BSWhite)

The BSA (BSWhite)
TL;DR - BSWhite advises against The Shape of Water this week. Others disagree.

Banestimates (Citizen Bane)

Random Predictions w/ STEVE - Just Getting Started (STEVE)

----STRATEGY THREADS (last week)----

Camelot's Decree (Biff)
TL;DR - MPC was a smart play for game theory reasons. Unfortunately maybe less so for BO reasons.

Weekend Reading (Apollo)
TL;DR - Apollo breaks down some statistics related to the top PC %.

Two Truths & One Lie (Phil)

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