Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri

I saw this in LA last weekend and I cannot stress how wonderful this movie is.
It's darkly hilarious and hits the dramatic beats with perfect precision. Anyway you can, go see this movie!
Every actor onscreen gives a knockout performance, even the ones with very little screen time.

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  • It's brilliant, truly class filmmaking. I'm pegging this as my top contender to win best picture

  • I can't wait to see it. In Bruges was hilarious. 7 Psychopaths was somewhat a misfire, though it still had it's good moments. This looks better than both.

  • I agree Dan.

    I cannot wait to see this film.

  • In Bruges being my all time favorite movie, I'm super stoked

  • Saw it tonight. I have to agree, excellent film with some standout performances.

  • I'll watch anything featuring the wonderful Frances McDormand.

  • Saw this back in September, can't wait to see it again. McDormand is a goddamn force of nature here, Rockwell has never been better, and McDonagh's script is magic. Truly a must-see.

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