Two Truths & One Lie - Fall 2017 Week 11

Welcome to Two Truths & One Lie! The game is simple if you've never played it. I make three statements about this week - two are true, one is a lie. The list below is sorted randomly by excel, so don't try to guess a "pattern" in my lie placement. It's up to you to tune your "BS Meter" to figure out which piece of analysis is bogus here. Feel free to guess along or submit your own!

1) The PC this week will include at least one screen of A Bad Moms Christmas, but it will only be as a filler and not as a Best Performer.
2) Both PBO & BOR have a favorable outlook on Geostorm, and I'm with them. Geo continues holding strong and finishes Top 4 in $/Bux this weekend.
3) Pricing dropped the hammer a little too hard on it, and as a result, Thor will NOT anchor your PC this weekend.

And that's it! I'll be back post-lock to reveal all.

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  • To me it seems that 1 & 3 almost go together so if you go that route then 2 is your lie.

  • 2 is your lie,

    You are going for either 3 MOE or 3 DH2 with BM and 4 filler screens

  • I have very little faith in Geostorm this week, but I've underestimated the movie before. 1 and 3.

  • 2 seems to be the lie here.

  • 2 is your lie

  • I think that 1 is the lie. Thor will drop over 55% in my opinion, and I can see Geostorm top 4 in value.

    - Edited

  • I have 1 as your lie

  • Dos

  • Either one is the lies and you like BM Christmas for BP or two is, and with it's cuts I can it, in which lower tier BP play, but TC hit those cheap films hard. But one perplexes me because we really need preview numbers to be sure on that. Look forward to your explanation.

  • 2 is the lie ... I hope!

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