Sign up now for the Fall Second Half League!

Was your cineplex cut down to size by Blade Runner? Or maybe It being hit gave you a fit? This is your chance to start fresh - the Fall Second Half League!

Go to and hit the 'Join League' button in the upper right to enter! Everybody starts with $0 box office this week, and at the end of the Fall Season the winner of the league will receive a $250 gift card from!

It'll be hard to make up the deficit if you don't play in Week 7, so be sure to sign up by the Friday noon ET / 9am PT lock time. Good luck!

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  • The secret's out!

  • What?!? I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, Matt. ;)

  • Thank god. Something to look forward to while we wait for the next World Cup.

  • No join button

  • Hi Katrina - sorry about that! There is an issue in the iOS app where the 'Join' button isn't displaying we're working to fix now. Not sure if that was the problem you were having or otherwise, but whatever the reason, we went ahead and added your cineplex to the Second Half League for you. Good luck!

  • Thanks

  • New user here. This seems awesome. Cannot wait to try it out.

  • I honestly thought for the longest time I was the only one with that iOS issue.

  • @Circle - me too. I just thought it was a *user error* so I would just search. :D

  • How do I join

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