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Hey all - so I know that this post has been written before (I've started it for example in the past), but now that FML has been picked up by NCM and have availability to some extra $ and resources, I thought it would be good to do it again. I'm actually thinking I could (or someone else if they'd want) consolidate all ideas into a document and we can keep it running. Not everything will be a good idea, but it would be nice to get a good list going.

In the end I am thinking I could post a survey or ranking of sorts with the top 20ish ideas and people could rank them so FML knows not only what we want, but our top priorities. Obviously this is only meant as brainstorming and not some sort of demand, but if I was FML I know that I'd want to make my product as user-friendly as possible.

SO - what are your ideas? And also, if anyone wants to dig for past threads like this and post them that'd be amazing. - Edited

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  • Custom League rules, baby

  • The one that most people will want is better forums/chatter. Instead of main chatter and side leagues chatter, categorize and organize the forums, and also add a search feature.

    I also would like to see better statistics, at the player base, individual, and movie levels. Example: I want to be able to see how many PCs I have, or someone else has on their player page.

  • Same info on app as is on normal website.

    Ability to post images and more importantly tables.

  • From the accidental duplicate thread..

    - The ability to delete threads. (lol)
    - Customizable leagues (commish tools, bonuses, lock time, league start/end date, etc)
    - Setting multiple lineups from the same account
    - Improved Chatter (search, organization, @mentions, private messages, etc)
    - Android App (at least parity with iPhone app)
    - Restore trophies and/or add achievements
    - I always thought you should have the ability to up-vote comments like Chive or like on the Facebook and maybe even reply to replies if that makes sense, on the chatter.

  • Page #, Next and Last buttons at the top of a chatter page. Then you don't need to scroll to the bottom of the page to click on Last

  • I'd add on to previous and next that a page search/topic search/person search would also be great.

  • -Improved Chatter has to be top of the list. From what I've read FML is already working on this

    -Official end of the year awards (MVP, most improved, etc) I think would be fun!

    -Ability to post Gifs and images in the thread

  • How about a daily game from Monday to Thursday?

  • Definitely custom League tools would be great. But the most important thing of all...


  • Direct Messaging
    "Friends" or favorite players list - their posts float to the top if you haven't read
    Block players?

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