FML my American! Life ep.7

Fall Week 3 2017

On tap:

Recap (1:56), Winners & Losers (5:13), American Assassin (9:16), "American" Titles (14:15), mother! (17:12), Petty Hot Takes (21:42), Holdovers, Best&Worst Performers and Best of the Rest (34:15), THUNDER ROUND (40:27), FML Community (48:00).

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ALSO, what are your Top 3 "American" title movies? Do your Top 3 match ours?
ALSO ALSO, we're taking more Petty Movie Hot Takes. Fire away!

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    I'm not giving another 5 star review if "The other dave is not on"


    I like The Great Geekolini

    Remember when Mark Wahlberg walked out of the Pats Falcons game at halftime, claiming his son was "sick". Oh really, your son happened to be sick right when the pats were getting crushed. Don't pretend like you've stuck with "your team" all this time with this speech. - Edited

  • Or, you know, the game was making his kid sick. Or he didn't want his kid to see his hero possibly get destroyed before his eyes. Or his kid wanted to leave. Or any number of possible things.

    Mark has been very supportive of Boston sports, don't make unfounded accusations like that.

  • The whole speech just made it seem like he was the hero who knew the pats were gonna win, but yea maybe his kid was sick and it wasn't just a coincidence. But if his kid was really sick and Mark really wanted to stay. Then I apologize. But when he left, the reason he gave for leaving was his kid wasn't sick. I know, we don't want speculations, but his son was walking fine by himself. It just seems odd. - Edited

  • so. petty.

  • MisterDave is spot on about the post credits thing.
    I could listen to Geek saying "Mother!" For days. Alec is wrong to blame the Love Actually comma ghost on the British people.

  • @Shrugs - ha. ha.

    @DIA - ha, ha

  • I think my understanding of "petty" is different from the other FMLMLers. I wouldn't categorize hardly any of the hot takes on the pod as petty.

    Constantly referring to me as "other Dave," on the other hand, is a perfect example of pettiness...

    The one benefit of having no electricity -- no one can see you cry in the dark.

  • Geez, Other Dave sure is petty about the his perceived non-pettiness of the complaints. I bet Other Dave loves pointing out that nothing in the song "Ironic" is actually ironic.

  • Plex, we'd love to have you on our podcast to talk about it

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