Best of the Rest in play in FML during Week 3!

You'll see that the last option available this week is "Best of the Rest." If you've been playing FML for a while, you know what this is . . . but if you're a newer player, you may be scratching your head a little!

The way that "Best of the Rest" (usually called BotR in the Chatter) works is this: BotR is a wild card that will eventually be swapped out for the highest grossing film not available for individual selection this week. The final determination on which film is the "Best of the Rest" will be made once final box office earnings are released and will be based on data available from

So, in plain English: The Nut Job 2 isn't in FML this week. But if it ends up grossing more at the box office than any other movie also not included, then it will become the "Best of the Rest" next Monday! The box office for The Nut Job 2 (or whatever the movie turns out to be) is what will count for this selection, and your cineplex if you pick it.

Make sense? If not, feel free to ask us any questions! We're happy to help -- and so are the good folks in the FML Chatter. They are almost always able to answer questions faster than I can, and usually more eloquently as well. :)

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