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Did anyone else catch a TIFF screening? Anyone planning to see it this weekend? Anyone wanna chat about the demented bible-on-acid allegorical creation myth that Darren Aronofsky has just "unleashed" (his words)???

I'm still revved up from last night's premiere. Can't wait to see it again.

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  • I wish I was at TIFF, I cannot WAIT to see this. The moment the trailer dropped my hype train went through the roof.

  • It's crazy to me that the trailer literally gives NOTHING as to what the movie as actually about. Like they've pitched it as a sort of Black Swan jump-scare psycho-thriller and it's sooooo much more than that. It's utter insanity. - Edited

  • Going to see it and Westworld this weekend.

  • I've been trying to go in as blind as possible but if it's really as necessary as you say, I'd appreciate a link!

    I think it's interesting that Paramount is starting to take this approach with most of its smaller movies. 10 Cloverfield Lane, Arrival, mother!, Suburbicon, and assumedly God Particle didn't get trailers until 3 months out at the earliest. Compare this to, say, Baywatch, whose first trailer was released in December, nearly half a year out from release.

  • @Liam this VOX review is the only one I've read that seems to understand the concept, and it's *mildly* spoilery but really nothing that JLaw and DA and Javier haven't said in interviews. It stops before it actually gives anything important away. Actually just the headline is even a good starting point.


    If you don't want to read it, just go in with the mindset that (again, being clear this isn't a spoiler) it's an allegory, that Javier is the God figure and JLaw is Mother Nature, and that the story structure comes straight from the bible. It's literal and metaphorical at the same time.

  • JLaw said herself, it would be a shame to go in without knowing the premise, because it robs you of context. Like if I had seen this without knowing anything about the allegory I would have come out thinking what the FK did I just watch?!

  • ... Huh. I can't say I didn't suspect that, but confirming it only makes me more excited.

  • Fwiw, this film is going to be far more appealing to this crowd than the general public. Try explaining to my middle aged wife why the characters have no names and that the "son" is 7 years older IRL than the "mother". This should be an indie flick but it is trying to pose as a wide release. JLaw will put butts in seats. Just don't expect the WOM to be good (outside of the art house circles) on this one. Critics will love it because it appeals to their elitist sensibilities but your average American simple isn't interested.

    The Walk anyone?

  • man, i really liked the walk, why you gotta remind me no one else did

  • I liked The Walk......

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