The Comeback League - $50 Prize

League is now closed.


Attention 2x Friday players!

Looking for a bright side? The Comeback League is a fresh start for those of us who went all in on the 2x Friday lineup in week 2. This league starts in week 3 and will run through the end of the Fall season. I will give the winner a $50 Amazon gift card (or equivalent value on Amazon's Canada or UK sites if preferred). Misery loves company...and prizes, so join me!

The Comeback League:

League closes at lineup locktime on Friday. Open to 2x Friday players only. - Edited

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  • Remember to kick out any non 2 Fridayers

  • Most definitely.

  • Can I be eligible for $25?

  • Nope, sorry, you'll have to settle for being millions of dollars ahead.

  • Darn

  • @Something Clever I will chip in on the prize pool with you

  • Appreciate it, Sweep, but not necessary! Just wanted to offer a little something to keep it interesting. Also I think it's probably best the prize pool doesn't get too big on this one... I'm already seeing alts join.

  • Wait, who's an alt?

  • I'm assuming the three accounts that joined in quick succession who had similar name patterns and all started new this season but played different lineups the first week are alts. But what do I know. :)

    Not a big deal.

  • Awww mannn

    Also take a bump

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