Welcome Newcomers!!

Oh, well hello there friend!

Welcome to our wonderful (and sometimes dysfunctional) familial community!!

You may have a lot of questions but just don't wanna ask because...well....you're new and it's the interwebs and you don't know us yet. :)

I'm Not Penny's Boat (or Penny or NPB). I've been playing a whole year now and I'm still learning new things every week - Each season is different from the next and there will always be pitfalls and windfalls, just never give up because of 1 bad week. There is a definite learning curve to this awesome game you've found yourself in. :)

Rather than tell you all the secrets of the game (sadly I'm not privy to that info) I thought I'd steer you to some places that helped me out when I first started.

I'll start with the FAQ. It's a great place to start when you don't know where to start. (It's in the tabby thingy)

If you've made it here (and are still reading) you've landed upon the MC (main chat) well done you!! This is where all the magic really happens.

There are a ton of incredibly useful threads throughout the week that are neatly pinned at the top in the MEGATHREAD. BSD (Backseat Directing) has put this thread together and it is amazing!!!

All the threads you need to know about are contained within that MEGATHREAD and they are sooo helpful. Some include Fourth Wall's Guide for Beginners, CCR's bonus Bar, BSW's BSA, Sulli's Drive in, Phil's Fandango Check etc (I can't remember all of them)

Once you get a season under your belt you may wanna check out side games which are also listed in the MEGATHREAD. Join them! They are much fun.

If you've stayed with me this long, remember just one thing - HAVE FUN!!! - don't be afraid to ask questions, we're here to help and we do our best to answer without giving too much away ;)

~ Penny ;)

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  • Oh, and I am the second greatest FMLer of all time.

    That's important info

  • @Bane, is that like 101 of us all being in second right now? Lol

  • You counted, too?

  • Bumping my own post for new people who are wondering what the hail just went on this weekend :)

  • So clearly, this will be a "building season" for me...

    I do very much appreciate the warm welcome nonetheless. Many Thanks.

  • @Palms 8. Lol. There's a definite learning curve to this game. As I said, I'm still learning! :)

    I can't stress enough @Fourth Wall's guide for beginners. If I had that when I started, it would have been a littler easier. (I know Backseat Directing mentions it in his MEGATHREAD)

    Take it one week at a time. Focus one one thing you want to wrap your head around (like one week comps/multipliers for new releases) Eventually you add more to the mix.

    And as I said, always ask questions. Don't be afraid because you think it's a silly question - I've asked a thousand silly questions about a thousand different aspects. Someone is always willing to help out, especially the original poster. (Like if you had a question about the bonus Bar, what it is, how it works etc)

    Good luck this season! I'm sure by the end of it you'll have the hang of things and I'll see you in many side games :)

  • @FMLQA Why not keep a Welcome thread pinned? I know an extra pin drops down another post but still it would be a nice message to new players and immediately gives them a thread to ask questions.

  • Bump because I could remember what I wrote originally and it took me 10 minutes to find this. :)


    And please, feel free to ask anything that you're trying to figure out :)

  • Since someone mentioned a welcome thread in another thread, I'll just bump this :)

  • I did, but I didn't know about this post and now it's pinned! This is great, thanks Penny.

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