Confession: Rogue One

Some may recall that I was one of the few posters here bashing R1 when it first came out. I really was distraught, it was nothing like the other installments and didn't make me feel all warm/fuzzy/nostalgic. I was inconsolable.

I am here to admit I was wrong. I bought it a few months ago forced myself to watch it again, without the expectations I had going in initially. And now I love it. Possibly too much. I've been watching it almost EVERY night (or at least 10-15 mins of it) when I go to bed. My wife is starting to think I have a problem. How's that for a turnaround?

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  • No, no, your initial impression was correct. The movie was terrible.

  • I had a similar reaction, wasn't a huge fan the first time I saw it but I saw it again without the massive expectations since I had already seen it and found it to be much more enjoyable the second time.

  • I wasn't a fan. Didn't really feel a connection with the characters. Can't blame Disney though they made bank.

  • My reaction to Rogue On was the exact opposite. Loved it the first time, but upon second viewing noticed way too many flaws that had been covered up by the adrenaline I felt watching it the first time.

  • It's both, the first half is a cringe-inducing series of nods and references that yell "STAR WARSSSSSSSS!!!!" constantly with some fun but largely unimportant moments and an occasional story advancing scene here and there.

    The second half is a fantastic look into warfare in the Star Wars universe that brings back fond memories of Battlefront 2 and doesn't fall into tired clichés or forced happy endings or sequel teasers and in my opinion more than makes up for the first half.

    But the theme song is awful. - Edited

  • Frank, first off, allow me to be the hippy one that says you are free to hold whatever opinion you desire. I prefer that people have relevant and informed reasons, as you did in your first post. It certainly did feel different and I can agree with others
    that the film could be edited to remove about 15 minutes and you would have no knowledge that it was a Star Wars film. However, I had the same second viewing experience as you. I so rarely see someone, on ANY issue, make a bold statement and then change their mind and admit it the way you did. I think it's just one of those days that I saw this and it was needed, so I commend you for being an example of how to have a discussion. Have a good day sir!

  • It's not a good movie at all. And despite the fact it has horrible characters you don't get to relate to, a totally pointless first hour or so of the film, and total lack of tension because you know they succeed, funny dialogue which isn't actually funny, and is obviously full of reshoots from a different director, it's still better than The Force Awakens, because JJ Abrams is that bad of a director.


    4/10 (Vader scene gets one whole star)

  • I lived Rogue One. It may have not been "nostalgic" but it was a great film. Just don't get me started on Episode 7. BARF

  • Of course it's not nostalgic, you lived it.

  • This one's for you Mr. Basterd. I made a mistake in assuming that Fantasy Movie League would attract a different sort of user that might respect the opinions and views of others. That's on me, won't have that expectation again. It is fine to say you disagree but why go out of your way to really tear apart something that another person likes? Beyond the act of just being a troll, the so called reasonings you present are all what are referred to as subjective. You may not be familiar but this term means that while you found the characters to be "horrible" and unable to relate to, others including myself strongly disagree and found the ensemble to be a great group that evoked care from the audience. It's fine to disagree, but "horrible" is quite vague, and often an inability to relate may actually lie with you, not in the character development. Additionally, arguing that there is no tension because you knew the outcome is actually objectively wrong. Audiences felt tension and impending doom while watching the Titanic. All action movies have the hero win the day, and since the Allies won WWII, I'm sure you found no tension in Saving Private Ryan or even alternate history pieces such as Inglorious Basterds. We may have known that the mission was successful, but did you really anticipate the outcome that befell the team? I am growing tired here so will summarize as I am sure it will have no impact on you, but humor is once again subjective. You said it was "funny but not really that funny." I'm not sure what that entirely means but again to each their own in humor. Lastly, you have to be aware by now that reshoots are a completely normal part of movies. I almost never take the time to reply to someone trashing on something that someone else likes, but I just today decided to try movie league again and could not pass up the chance to show you that you can claim those as opinion, but the reasons are not at all factual. Have a good day Mr. Basterd, a movie deserving of a 2.5/10 at best.

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