Since I haven't seen one yet: GoT discussion thread. If You don't care/watch don't comment, unless you're funny (you're probably not). What's everyone think of the new season?!

I think the Lannisters are ****** and Dany is out here slaying. Sooo excited for the rest of the season. Also, WHITE WALKER GIANTS?!?! Gg westeros

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  • Not White Walker Giants. Just Giant Wights. White Walkers and Wights are very different things.

  • Aria is traveling in the wrong direction. Was hoping she would bump into the hound or have a reunion with Sansa and Jon.

  • I thought she would be heading to Winterfell as well, but would rather she kill. So I'm all for her going to KL. - Edited

  • So did winter come yet?

  • I have a feeling that after eating with the Lannister soldiers, Arya will change focus and head home. Their talk of family seemed to get to her. It was also an interesting moment for her to see a group of soldiers who don't necessarily buy into the dogma of their leaders.

  • What long-standing character dies first this season..??

    Cersei, Little Finger, or Jaime..?

    Cersei is so eff'ed this season.

  • I actually think Arya could be in trouble. If she goes to KL, I don't think she's getting out alive.

  • I still think Jamie or Tyrion will end up killing their sister, so perhaps Arya will have a change of heart and head home.

  • The five characters that GRRM said would survive the whole series in his initial outline to publishers:

    Daenerys, Tyrion, Jon Snow, Arya, and Bran.

    I'm wondering if the showrunners will stray from that original concept...

  • Well, Jorah's seen better days. That's my hot take!

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