Coming Attractions: Summer Season - Week 8

There are three new movies in Week 8 that are pretty much locks to be added to FML:

- Dunkirk
- Girls Trip
- Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

We don't see any smaller or independent movies making the cut - but did we overlook anything? Or is there anything about the the big releases we should know? Share your scoop here!

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  • Is The Little Hours increasing?

  • A Ghost Story?

    Nobody can shut up about it

  • Deadline says A Ghost Story will rollout further this week into top markets ahead of a nationwide expansion on July 28.

  • If a Ghost Story can get beyond the 500-700k that 47MD and The House are looking to make next week, I'd say thats not a bad idea

  • Ghost Story could expand but may not do that well. Seems divisive.

  • Remove The Mummy, PotC, The Beguiled.
    Keep BotR.

  • Ghost Story is looking at potentially 100 theaters a la 20th century women... July 28th it could be on the roster...but not this week.

    3 new movies in, 3 lowest bux movies out.

  • In any iteration there are plenty bottom end films to get rid of. Even if adding A Ghost Story please get rid of BotR.

  • I say to drop Beguiled, Pirates, and Mummy and add the 3 new releases.

    Keep BotR in case of Ghost Story going nuts

  • No, I'm sick of Best Of The Rest...I never liked the idea of it & let's just drop it.

    -Girls Trip

    -Best Of The Rest
    -The Mummy
    -Pirates 5

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