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Jagga Jasoos truthers say :

bswhite says:

Apes - 18.5-20m Friday - 50-55m - Weekend
Spidey - $46M-$47M
DM3 - $21M
Sick - $8.5M
Wish Upon - $4M
Baby Driver -
Wonder Woman - - Edited

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  • Oh there's a DM3 estimate in there. I need a barf bag

  • And right now you can only see part of the update on the deadline frontpage. Anthony is loading in the rest I guess.

  • Uh oh, DM3

  • DM3 21
    Spidey 46-47
    Wish Upon 4

  • Careful on DM3, it was tracking really high all last weekend and then just keep dropping. However, as someone with vested interest in its performance, I don't mind seeing that number considering drive-in $ will only help it.

  • Not a great start for Apes. We'll probably have a decent idea where it ends up by tonight (should track the same as Dawn).

    No surprise on DM3. That was the risk of not anchoring with it.

    Obscure Bollywood film I hadn't heard of until this morning, don't fail me now!

  • BSW says "look at me," Nate.

  • That DM3 number is scaring me

  • Well I chose the right anchor at least.

  • Could be good for DM3, but that's not likely to be a bonus number if WW hits what seems likely.

    3x5 may slightly outearn 1x6x1 if it holds, though.

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