Round 11

Welcome back to FcP or First to Comment Wins a Point. This round, I am also giving a point to the person to give me a good name for this game. The standings are:

Circle of Life-2


Rick's Cineplex Americain-1

Anepicmoviereviewer Cineplex-1

31616: Alien$-1


2001: A Cineplex-1

The Hersh (KOTRT)-1

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  • Hi!

  • Congrats Circle!

  • You're looking for a good name for this game? How about Pointless Clutter

  • Congrats I Forgot!!

  • Musical Chairs - Maybe post a round where everyone who has at least one point has to check in. The last one on the list to check in loses a point.

  • I like your ideas Something Clever, along with your name!

  • @NuttBolz97 Thanks! I put a lot of thought into my name.

  • It came out great!

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