Coming Attractions: Summer Season - Week 4

We've got a few new titles under consideration this week, including one big name that's sure to be included:

- Transformers: The Last Knight
- Beatriz At Dinner
- The Hero
- The Journey

Which of these should make the cut, and which should be left on the cutting room floor? And anything we've overlooked? Share your thoughts with us here!

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  • Best of the Rest!!!!! Bring it back

  • That's a great idea best of the rest!

  • Yeah, I know it's soon but another BotR may be in order. Lotta stuff on the outside that could hit 15.

  • If Best of the Rest is really under consideration, Tubelight is going to take it.

    What's Tubelight? No, it's not a fancy new gadget for... I'll stop there.

    Tubelight is the 2017 offering from Yash Raj and actor Salman Khan for Eid 2017. That combination of words doesn't have to mean anything to you other than here was the distributor/actor/holiday's 2016 outing:

    Also helping - the trailer for Tubelight has 18M views on Youtube.

    At the risk of an extremely boring week, I think I'll just toss this out there now before BotR gets dropped in with a low bar and this obliterates it.

  • Beatriz At Dinner should definitely make the cut, we already have an estimated TC:

    "Beatriz At Dinner will head to about 350 runs on June 23."

  • Beatriz At Dinner - 100% add!!
    Looking at comparisons, BaD will most likely get an expansion to 450-525 theaters...but, be careful where you price it....

    Best Of The Rest - Add! We shouldn't waste space with Hero & The Journey, because there is no guarantee with those movies...There is a lot of movies that could be BotR....Baywatch (with the Transformers drive-in bump, The Hero or The Journey with TC expansion)

    -Transformers: The Last Knight
    -Best Of The Rest
    -Beatriz At Dinner

    -Alien: Covenant
    -Everything, Everything

  • Actually, If Tubelight has potential to do over $2M...Then, just add Tubelight instead of BotR.

  • From Deadline's specialty BO article last week:

    "The Orchard will jump The Hero to thirty runs next week, and up to around 450 locations by June 30."

    So it doesn't appear that it should be in play for this one.

  • @Phil Great point about Tubelight. The holiday you're referring to is the end of Ramadan, right? I'm trying to follow your logic as I educate myself. Tubelight is being released in Hindi, which is most commonly spoken in northern India, which overlaps with the higher Islamic population of northern India. But Sultan came out on a Wednesday after Ramadan ended the day before. Tubelight comes out on Friday *before* Ramadan ends on Saturday. Will this depress sales until Sunday? Surely the distributor knows more than I do, so I must be missing something.

  • @ABC This one was released during Eid, falling on a similar pattern Sat-Tue

    Didn't seem to impact the Friday number that much.

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