Wonder Pirates Fans Rejoice!

For all the Wonder Pirates players out there, this one's for you!



https://youtu.be/30RHe-eFusU - Edited

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  • 🍻

  • Of course now I'm kicking myself for hedging week 1. I am not a hedgy person and now I'm very salty

  • I am pretty salty I switched from wonder pirates to car pirates that are going to LEAVEY me wishing I hadnt switched.

  • Same, Lance. Same.

  • Wonder Pirates Unite!

  • Slightly miffed I miss out on the overall weekly win by what is likely a few seconds. Other than that, not much to complain about.

  • One of those times that my gut paid off!

  • @DB22, 35 seconds. Ouch

  • I won't win the Lightning McQueen but I will take 33rd overall!

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