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All Eyez on Me - 35M
Wonder Woman - 37.5M
47 Meters Down and Rough Night - 10-11M - Edited

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  • TL;DR

    Disney's Cars 3 will lead today with an estimated $21M based off of matinees. One industry estimate sees the Pixar film at $57.5M, but with Saturday matinees and Father's Day, plus its fresh reviews, it won't be a surprise to see Cars 3 pace past $60M.

    Lionsgate Code Black/Morgan Creek's All Eyez on Me is very strong and could send Wonder Woman to the No. 3 spot for the weekend. Both are respectively at $35M and $37.5M as of right now, but the notion is that the Tupac Shakur movie could pull ahead.

    There's also a draw at the weekend box office between Entertainment Studios' 47 Meters Down and Sony's Rough Night which are each looking at between $10M-$11M over three-days per industry estimates. 47 Meters Down made more [on Thursday] than Rough Night last night, $735K to $700K

  • TL/DR:
    Cars is right in line with expectations ($57.5-60+m).
    All Eyez on Me is looking good ($35m), but 47 Meters Down could play spoiler ($10-11m). Wonder Woman possibly a touch higher than most expected ($37.5m). Rough Night is in for a rough weekend ($10-11m).

  • Crap, my TL/DR took TL to write!

  • TL;DR - AEoM/47MD good, RN bad, Cars 3 eh.

  • And people laughed at the Rough Night prediction I made last night 😏

  • God damn I had an All Eyez/47 MD lineup all week and then switched it out Thursday night.


  • This time last week:

    Wonder Woman $48.5M-$51M - made 58.5 (+14.7%)
    The Mummy $29.6M-$32M - made 31.7 (correct)
    Captain Underpants $13.3M - made 12.2 (-8.3%)
    Pirates of the Caribbean: $11.1M - made 10.7 (-3.6%)
    It Comes at Night $9.1M - made 6.0 (-34.1%)
    Megan Leavey $2.5M-$3.2M - made 3.8 (+18.7%)

  • I always argue this is just their pre-weekend projections with the influence of the Thursday Numbers. I wouldn't be surprised to see everything change. The midnight update is always a big one.

  • They're likely extrapolating from a big expected Friday from Eyez, and then giving it a standard multiplier. That's a mistake.

  • But Sunday drops gonna be hard to predict Also.

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