Congrats Eyez players - $35M possible


"Lionsgate Code Black/Morgan Creek's All Eyez on Me is very strong and could send Wonder Woman to the No. 3 spot for the weekend. Both are respectively at $35M and $37.5M as of right now, but the notion is that the Tupac Shakur movie could pull ahead." - Edited

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  • Voodoo numbers. Wake me up in 11 hrs and we'll see if this still stands.

  • That 47M number could make things interesting.

  • My only concern is that they don't realize how frontloaded this could be. Good start regardless.

  • It's a done deal, Phil. Deadline is always right. Congrats.

  • @IYSS - My thoughts exactly. Methinks this is a 3-film race this week between AEoM, Pirates, and 47MD. Could be a lot of drama in store over the next few days.

  • Man, do you all not watch sports? The Falcons and there 28-3 halftime lead approve of this message lol

    Eyez will drop like alien, 47 meters will die like gallows, and Disney will hit their opening weekend mark like always

  • ^^^^^^^^

    Mem? Is that you?

  • Spoiler alert

    2pac dies at the end.

  • @ Bill Cage - Is your favorite college team Duke? Is any part of you robotic?

  • Pac live because he invested in an up-armor vehicle.

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