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They added all the new releases, I don't know if we'll get an official update, but have to do this before someone else

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  • Comps for The Promise are Free State Of Jones which took in $2.65M Friday after a $365K Thursday night preview and ended up with a $7.5M three-day weekend. The Light Between Oceans had a three-day of $4.76M after a $1.4M Friday. So, we expect The Promise to come in around $3M-$4M.

  • Free Fire, which will be in just a little more than 1,000 theaters today and has decent reviews but little interest, have not reported grosses and likely won't as we heard this gun-violence-porn film is tanking and will likely only end up with $1M-plus.

  • Both Disneynature's Born In China and Warner Bros' Unforgettable had midnight screenings, while Cinelou and Scott Free's horror film Phoenix Forgotten had no previews and is hoping the Friday night genre audience will give it a much-needed boost. The former will open the way most Disneynature films do, around $5M, while Phoenix Forgotten, a found-footage thriller about aliens in Arizona, is expected to be all but forgotten.

  • Of these five new films, perhaps Denise DiNovi's directorial debut Unforgettable (which will be in about 2,400 theaters) and Born in China will lift itself over the others but, even so, all will be mowed down the second weekend of Universal's Fate Of The Furious. The only question there is how much Furious will drop as previous installments of the franchise have traditionally dropped about 60%.

  • 1M plus for Free Fire, so more than 1M, right? How much more?

  • Not a lot more, or else they would have said 2+

  • Free Fire is DOA

  • I don't see how The Promise comps to Free State of Jones at all. FSJ had Matthew McConaughey, and tons of marketing months before the release.

    I haven't seen a single preview for The Promise, but I'll admit, most of my movies are seen through video on demand.

  • See, at least it's a good thing I didn't go all in on FF then :)

  • Ron, that sort of is why I went all in on Gifted. I haven't seen anything about The Promise, but I saw Chris Evans on Good Morning America a couple weeks ago for Gifted, so I thought the early morning viewers might be more interested.

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