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  • Queen, Beatles, Stones, Cash is where my votes are going. Tricky semi final if that happens.

  • The Stones are gonna somehow beat Bowie. Feels bad man.

  • It's bad enough The Police beat Brand New...but Rush? The Police beat rush? WHO IN THE HELL ACTUALLY LIKES THE POLICE!?!?! They're the Nickelback of their time!

  • i agree. The Police suck.

    so does Genesis.

    and so does non-"In the Air Tonight" Phil Collins

  • Bumpity bump bump


  • Rush should have beaten The Police, but the Nickelback of their time? C'mon. The Police were a great band, and Nickelback wishes they could write pop songs as good as Every Breathe You Take and Syncronicity II.

    Don't let Sting's eventual slide into lame adult contemporary schmaltz with his solo stuff obscure that The Police were a terrific band in their heyday.

  • I don't understand queen over zeppelin. Zeppelin literally changed rock and roll, queen built upon what led did.

  • Yeah the police are awesome and have one of the best drummers of all time.

  • Once again, the best bands of all-time are not all from 40-50 years ago. An exercise in silliness.


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