The MEGATHREAD is a handy index of links for the many useful threads in the FML main chatter. Any help with links in the comments is much appreciated, I'll add them at the top when I have time. Special thanks to Furiosa for all that MEGATHREAD help last week, but I'm back at the reigns for Week 8. TL;DRs remain internal-use only, please ignore.


FML Nerd's Outlier Observations
TL;DR - Nerd gives an excellent breakdown of the pro forecasts of the week.




CCR's Bonus Bar Thread
TL;DR - Bar is at $73k. No love for the new releases.

Ari's Bold Prediction
TL;DR - Ari is taking aim and shooting down not one, not two, but all new releases. Others disagree.

M37's Skynet Recap Thread
TL;DR - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Turns out it was BB this week. Skynet stays on top for another week.

Cinephile's Bad PC Predictions
TL;DR - Cinephile likes Phoenix Forgotten and Free Fire. Others disagree.

Hedging with Henry
TL;DR - Henry thinks hedging is good. Others disagree.

Steve's Spit Take
TL;DR - Steve doesn't like BB this week.

FMLDylan's Power Rankings

Phil's Fandango Check
TL;DR - Phil breaks down the number of showtimes for the week.

----BSWhite Threads----

This Week in FML
TL;DR - Always check your TCs of limited releases.

Daily Truthers Thread
TL;DR - BS breaks down the daily numbers for the week.

TL;DR - BS advises against F8 this week. Others disagree.

See 1st Comment


Monday Mourning
TL;DR - FMLers should really read the chatter on Friday mornings. Problem is, the ones who don't likely won't read this thread.

Dylan's Comp Watch
TL;DR - Dylan breaks down some comps for the week's new releases. He says this isn't a weekly thread yet, but I have a feeling it is. ;)

FMLQA's Best of the Rest Feature
TL;DR - FML is planning on adding a BotR option on choice weeks. Some nice discussion about that here.

Sink's Google Trends Thread
TL;DR - Sink shows some Google trends graphs for the new releases. An interesting metric, but don't take too much stock into it.

Monday Night Competition

Price Guessing Competition

Closest to #1 Cineplex

$0 Cineplex Game

Prediction Competition

Race to the Bottom

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