A Thank You to FML Nerd

Hello FML community. As we wait for late night updates and enjoy real talk with fake names, here's something a little different for you.

We all love FML Nerd and are indebted to him for the analyzer and other tools. I wanted to provide a way for us to say thank you to him with more than just our words typed onto a screen, so I've started a Go Fund Me campaign. I'm not trying to break the bank, but just to show him that he's appreciated. My hope is to get 10-50 of us to give $5-$50 to show our thanks. You can read more or give a gift by clicking the link below. If you'd like to make a contribution that's great. If not, that's fine too. Thanks for reading, and THANK YOU FML NERD.

FML Nerd/FMLQA are NOT behind this. In fact they know nothing about it (until they read it here). This is 100% my idea. You can happily enjoy this game and the Nerd's tools without making any contribution at all. If you have any problems with this idea please take it up with me and not with them. Thanks.

Here's the Go Fund Me page:

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  • 100% deserved

  • I have no money but I give my utmost thanks.

  • Ive said thank you dozens of times. Nice to have a way to actually show it. Well done Darth dan and well done as always nerd. I'd pay a monthly fee to play this game, and pay an additional fee for nerds tools if necessary. I love this game.

  • Good job Pete. Well earned. - Edited

  • I don't have money, plus my family has been having a tough time the past few weeks as most people know, but thanks FML Nerd

  • Done! Great idea!

  • Done!

  • Team FML has no official role in this -- as DarthDan said, we didn't even know it was happening until we saw it here! But we think it's great, and appreciate the FML community showing FMLnerd some well-deserved love. We just made a donation ourselves! Thanks for all you do, FMLnerd.

  • #AllTheFeels

  • Wow Dan, this is unbelievably kind of you. I've always said in the chat that this is by far the most rewarding coding experience in 30+ years of doing it and that has everything to do with this amazing community. To be recognized in this way is humbling, to say the least.

    Thanks to you for putting this together and to anybody who has provided me feedback on the toolset or my articles, positive or negative. That pushes me more than you know and it gives me great joy to play this game with all of you. - Edited

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