Coupe's Weekend BO Predictions - Spring Week 4

Hey! I'm Coupe and here I am (once again) giving you Weekend BO Predictions that will (hopefully?) help you.
This week we have Power Rangers, Life, CHiPs, and Wilson joining the slate of movies!
Don't forget to write your thoughts down below!!
Here are my predictions:

Power Rangers - $32.4M

Beauty And The Beast FRI - $28.5M

Beauty And The Beast SAT - $31.8M

Beauty And The Beast SUN - $25.7M

Life - $16.3M

Kong: Skull Island - $12.6M

CHiPs - $11.8M

Logan - $8.5M

Get Out - $7.7M

The Shack - $3.1M

The Lego Batman Movie - $2.2M

The Belko Experiment - $1.9M

Wilson - $774.9K

Hidden Figures - $729.3K

John Wick: Chapter 2 - $405.6K

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  • Interesting picks. I'm thinking a little less on PR, but that one is a wildcard for me. It could go anywhere from 20 mil - 40 mil. Life is anpther tough one for me. I'm thinking 19-22 mil. CHiPs is another weird one. It could behave like Fist Fight, or 21 and Over. I'd say it opens on the higher side of that. Thank you for your input on the box office!

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