ALERT: Beauty and the Beast will be a Fri/Sat/Sun daily split again in Week 4!

Beauty and the Beast will be split into daily box office for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Week 4, just as was the case in Week 3. This means that you can add this movie to your cineplex for any or all of the days, and the box office that will accrue to your account will only be that which is generated on the day selected. Note that as it is not a new release, Thursday totals do not count towards Friday.

Good luck!

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  • Is there a precedent for this? I haven't played too terribly long, but I don't remember seeing this before. Does 41/34/25 still hold as an estimate for the three days?

  • Nope, as there will no longer be any Thursday night previews helping the Friday. In fact, Friday will be the least grossing of the split this weekend. The pricing also reflects this. Look at big movies 2nd weekends for help

  • So minus out the 16.3 million from Friday's total and you think it drops 35% from last weeks number?

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