Fantasy Awards League is here!

To make your Oscars picks, go to now!

A description of how this special contest works is given below. Hope everybody enjoys it and is looking forward to Oscar Night!

- You can pick from the 15 Oscar-nominated movies shown to fill your 8 screens
- Each time the movie (or an actor/director/etc related to the movie) wins an Oscar, millions in virtual box office are added to that movie's total
- Just like regular FML, you can leave a screen blank, but there is a box office penalty of $2M to be paid for open screens
- Also like regular FML, there is a Best Performer bonus of $2M. The movie that has the best "bang for the buck" in earnings-to-cost terms will receive an additional $2M in box office
- The lock to make picks is 7pm ET/4pm PT on Sunday, February 26: the night of the Oscars
- Scores will be updated during the show on Oscar night
- The winner will receive $50 in gift certificates, plus an autographed copy of Matthew Berry's "Fantasy Life" including a personal congratulatory inscription to the winner
- 2nd and 3rd place finishers will receive $25 gift certificates
- All ties will be broken by first-to-submit-final-picks basis

You can also create special FML Oscars private leagues! You can form leagues at parties on Oscar night! Just be sure to get entries in by the deadline, when the show starts on Sunday.

Note that this game is NOT related to regular FML in any other way! You can also make your normal picks at for the week of the Oscars, and your Oscars score isn't added to your season total. This is a one-off contest event.

Good luck! - Edited

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  • Clickable link doesn't work, you have to type it

  • The Pause 'n Play Podcast: Fantasy Awards League Edition

    PnP podcast Ep. 4:
    w/guests 20th Century Flops, Milhouse and Mister(dapper)Dave

    0:00 - 4:54 Intro
    4:54 - 11:14 Recruit Your Friends / Top 5 Reasons to Play Fantasy Awards League (FAL) AND FML
    11:14 - 17:17 #AlwaysLaLa or #NeverLaLa ?
    17:17 - 24:48 Fantasy Awards League Strategy
    *24:35* MisterDave's BIG Reveal
    24:48 - 31:32 Prizes
    31:32 - 39:14 Round 2 / Oscars Trivia
    39:14 - 43:18 Pause 'n Sway Challenge: Name Alec's FAL cineplex
    43:18 - 45:07 Soapbox
    44:07 - 47:57 End Credits

    Pause 'n Play league:
    Password: kurtloder

  • Fixed! Thanks Steve. :)

  • 10M for the makeup winner except none of the 3 movies nominated are available to play?

  • This very good idea. Thank you.

  • @2001: Yeah, but if you rearrange the letters in some of the available titles, it spells Star Trek, sooooo... there's that.

  • I really can't figure out my lineup with a lineup calculator

    I just wanna say my picks and know the best lineup with those picks

  • Errrrrrr, yeah, good point 2001! We're going to be removing that category from the listings, as none of the 15 we ultimately decided on were nominated in that category.

  • Chrome is telling me that your HTTPS is unsafe...

  • Made a spreadsheet for this today. Would there be any interest for me to share it? If so I will convert to Google Sheets. Essentially it just lets you input your % odds a movie has to win each award and then you can use solver to find your optimal lineup.

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